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The Journal of Biological Methods (JBM) is a multidisciplinary and open-access journal committed to publishing peer-reviewed papers on cutting-edge and innovative biological techniques, methods and protocols. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are expected to describe original research on novel biotechnology, biological methods and experimental techniques, significant optimization and modification of existing methods (including when adapted to new models/biological systems or when applied to challenge scientific questions under a new angle), development of step-by-step protocols based on established methods and technologies, rigorous side-by-side comparisons of existing methods and reviews on technical aspects of a particular biological field.


Utilizing a human TLR selective ligand in a humanized immune system mouse model to investigate human TLR4 signaling

Twomey Rachel , Graham Sean , S. Spina Joseph , Wu Xiaoming , ... William Housley
JBM 2023, 10(1), 1
1 Download 256 Views

A strategy to recover a poor-quality ligase product

Prete Sonia Del, Gogliettino Marta, Palmieri Gianna, Cocca Ennio
JBM 2023, 10(1), 1
1 Download 263 Views

Optimizing factors for large-scale production of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi consortia using root organ cultures

Ghorui Maunata, Chowdhury Shouvik, Das Keshab, Sunar Kiran, Prakash Balu
JBM 2023, 10(1), 1

Prevention, Diagnosis and Eradication of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Culture

Huang Xuefeng , Yu Minghang , Wang Bingbing , Zhang Yanlong , ... Xi Wang
JBM 2023, 10(1), 1
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Biological Mathematical Analysis of Cancer

Guest Editor: Ophir Nave
Submission deadline: 28 February 2025

AI-Driven Empowerment Biosignal’s Applications in Health Systems

Guest Editor: Pedro Miguel Rodrigues
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024
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