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The Bladder is an international, open-access journal committed to publishing top-quality peer-reviewed articles describing basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in the broad fields of bladder biology and diseases, including benign and malignant conditions.


Nerve-spring technique could achieve a functional trifecta outcome of robotic intracorporeal studer’s orthotopic neobladder in the male

Cheng Qiang , Gu Liangyou , Chen Wenzheng , Zhao Xupeng , ... Hongzhao Li
Bladder 2022, 9(1), 1–9;
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Safety and Effectiveness of Nustim System Implantation in Dogs

Li Xing, Deng Han, Wang Zhaoxia, Li Hao, Liao Limin
Bladder 2022, 9(1), 1–7;
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Chinese botulinum toxin A for the treatment of lower urinary tract dysfunction: It works just as well

Zhang Fan, Liu Qinggang, Liao Limin, Li Xiaojuan, Zhang Xueping
Bladder 2022, 9(1), 1–9;
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Genomics and Precision Medicine

Guest Editors: Gonghong Wei , Song Wu
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Molecular Subtype Profiling of Urothelial Carcinoma

Guest Editors: Tianxin Lin , Chong Chen
Submission deadline: 26 November 2024
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