15 April 2024
Multiplexed tape-stabilized cryohistology of mineralized large animal specimens
Hannah M. Zlotnick1,2,3, Xi Jiang2, Robert L. Mauck1,2,3, Nathaniel A. Dyment1,2*
15 April 2024
Nerve-spring technique could achieve a functional trifecta
Objectives: To summarize some key steps of functional improvement in robotic intracorporeal studer’s orthotopic neobladder (RISON) of males, especially for nerve-spring technique. We also presented the result of 1-year follow-up aimed to illustrate its functional trifecta outcomes.Methods: Robotic radical cystectomy with intracorporeal studer’s orthotopic neobladder was performed on 33 male patients by the same surgeon […]Qiang Cheng, Liangyou Gu, Wenzheng Chen, Xupeng Zhao, Xin Ma, Xiao Chang, Qing Ai, Hongzhao Li
15 April 2024
Treatment of stress urinary incontinence with a percutaneously implantable wireless
Objectives: To evaluate the utility and safety of pelvic floor muscle exercises in combination with a wireless percutaneously implantable microstimulator device (NuStim®) for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.Methods: In this prospective self-controlled pilot trial, three patients aged 35‒75 years with incontinence symptoms were treated by pelvic floor muscle exercises plus implantation of NuStim® from […]Fan Zhang, Limin Liao
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