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Application of Laser Microscopy and Metabolomic Analysis in the Search for New Biologically-Active Substances in Medicinal and Agricultural Plants

Submission deadline: 01 February 2025
Special Issue Editors
Mayya Razgonova
Director of Far Eastern Branch of N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, B. Morskaya 42-44, 190000, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Interests: mass-spectrometry, supercritical CO2-extraction, laser microscopy
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to be part of our special issue: Application of laser microscopy and metabolomic analysis in the search for new biologically active substances in medicinal and agricultural plants.

As we know it, a huge array of medicinal plants, as well as agricultural plants, are under-studied or not investigated at all with regard to their polyphenolic composition, as well as the composition of constituents of other chemical groups. Our concerted research efforts will help put these plants into the pharmacological use or exploit their utility as nutrients, which will substantially contribute to the promotion of human health. Also, at the moment, laser microscopy has provided valuable data for the study of the spatial arrangement of compounds of polyphenolic composition and compounds of other groups in the plant matrix. This is a fairly new frontier of research that will produce myriad data that complement and confirm the metabolomic data generated by other scientific methods.

Manuscript Submission Information

Author registration and submission: Please submit your paper along with a cover letter including the special issue title. Your paper will undergo a fair peer review and be published immediately after acceptance and will be available to an international audience.

Laser microscopy
Bioactive compounds
Mass spectrometry
Fatty acids
Supercritical CO2-extration
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