Automated high-throughput measurement of body movements and cardiac activity of Xenopus tropicalis tadpoles

Kay Eckelt, Helena Masanas, Artur Llobet, Pau Gorostiza
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Proof of concept for a novel functional screening system for plant sucrose effluxers

Yuchan Zhou, Chris PL Grof, John William Patrick
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Isolating astrocytes and neurons sequentially from postnatal murine brains with a magnetic cell separation technique

Maria Feldmann, Praneeti Pathipati, R Ann Sheldon, Xiangning Jiang, Donna M Ferriero
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Advanced methods of microscope control using μManager software

Arthur D Edelstein, Mark A Tsuchida, Nenad Amodaj, Henry Pinkard, Ronald D Vale, Nico Stuurman
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A stepwise procedure to test contractility and susceptibility to injury for the rodent quadriceps muscle

Stephen J.P. Pratt, Richard M. Lovering
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Method for the quantitative measurement of collecting lymphatic vessel contraction in mice

Shan Liao, Dennis Jones, Gang Cheng, Timothy P. Padera
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Use of retroviral-mediated gene transfer to deliver and test function of chimeric antigen receptors in human T-cells

Ana C. Parente-Pereira, Scott Wilkie, Sjoukje J.C. van der Stegen, David M. Davies, John Maher
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