Development and implementation of a cell-based assay to discover agonists of the nuclear receptor REV-ERBα

Yuliya Hering, Alexandre Berthier, Helene Duez, Philippe Lefebvre, Benoit Deprez, Philip Gribbon, Markus Wolf, Jeanette Reinshagen, Francoise Halley, Juliane Hannemann, Rainer Böger, Bart Staels, Sheraz Gul
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A model for the detection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma circulating tumor cells

Matthew S. Alexander, Brianne R. O'Leary, Devon Moose, Juan Du, Michael D. Henry, Joseph J. Cullen
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Preloading budding yeast with all-in-one CRISPR/Cas9 vectors for easy and high-efficient genome editing

Daniel Degreif, Milana Kremenovic, Thomas Geiger, Adam Bertl
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Conditioned contextual fear memory to assess natural forgetting and cognitive enhancement in rats

Sven RM Schuette, Scott Hobson
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RNA isolation from Peyer

Navjot Singh, Heather C. Gallagher, Renjie Song, Jaskiran K. Dhinsa, Gary R. Ostroff, Magdia De Jesus
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