ChIP and Chips: Introducing the WormPharm for correlative studies employing pharmacology and genome-wide analyses in C. elegans

Jung H. Doh, Andrew B. Moore, Irem Celen, Michael T. Moore, Chandran R. Sabanayagam
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Development of a method for DNA extraction from oil palm leaves and the effects of pH and ionic strength on nucleic acid quantification

Osayande Leonard Ihase, Renate Horn, Geoffrey Obinna Anoliefo, Chukwuemeka Ralph Eke, Abolade Samuel Afolabi, Omorefe Asemota
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A comparison of strategies for immortalizing mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Melissa M. Amand, John A. Hanover, Joseph Shiloach
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Concentrating white spot syndrome virus by alum for field detection using a monoclonal antibody based flow-through assay

Amrita Rani, Satish R. Poojary, Naveenkumar B. Tammegouda, Abhiman P. Ballaya, Prakash Patil, Ramesh K. Srinivasayya, Shankar M. Kalkuli, Santhosh K. Shivakumaraswamy
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Triatomines intrahaemocoelic inoculation protocol: a useful tool to check infectivity in insects

Gabriela S. Rozas-Dennis, Gerardo A. Marti, Nadia Lorena González, Felipe Guhl, Diego M.A. Guérin
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Assessing bioenergetic functions from isolated mitochondria in Drosophila melanogaster

Wen C. Aw, Rijan Bajracharya, Samuel G. Towarnicki, J William O. Ballard
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Establishment of a Drosophila AD model

Xingjun Wang, Yu Zhao, Yujia Hu, Pu Ren, Ying Sun, Xiaowei Guo, Xirui Huang, Yumeng Zhu, Xinhong Chen, Yu Feng, Lei Xue
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