Visualization of subdiffusive sites in a live single cell

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Zeno Földes-Papp
Gerd Baumann
Long-Cheng Li


anomalous diffusion, complex diffusion mechanism, imaging, live cell, number of traps


We measured anomalous diffusion in human prostate cancer cells which were transfected with the Alexa633 fluorescent RNA probe and co-transfected with enhanced green fluorescent protein-labeled argonaute2 protein by laser scanning microscopy. The image analysis arose from diffusion based on a “two-level system”. A trap was an interaction site where the diffusive motion was slowed down. Anomalous subdiffusive spreading occurred at cellular traps. The cellular traps were not immobile. We showed how the novel analysis method of imaging data resulted in new information about the number of traps in the crowded and heterogeneous environment of a single human prostate cancer cell. The imaging data were consistent with and explained by our modern ideas of anomalous diffusion of mixed origins in live cells. Our original research presented in this study is significant as we obtained a complex diffusion mechanism in live single cells.


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